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Business Consulting for
the Creative Industries

Business Consulting for
the Creative Industries


Every company needs support - at some point

Every company needs support - at some point

Most of the solution is already there - we do the rest

Normally, companies handle changes in their own business environment just fine. At certain crossroads, however, they require external support. Common triggers for this are: sudden changes in technical or legal requirements; the need to get a project going, unstuck or finished; or simply the the need for an extra pair of hands to take over certain management tasks for a limited time while the core crew focuses on issues that cannot be outsourced. 

In these circumstances companies often realise that the usual trusted sources (like lawyers, accountants or even own managers/employees) cannot cover all the areas that need attention.

With this in mind, Cumulativo focuses on providing the missing links: We build on the already existing ideas, people and ressources and fill in the rest - if this is what your company needs; or we help you build a new solution from scratch, if that's the better way forward.

Quantitative Support

  • Business Planning
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Financial Modelling
  • External Controlling

Qualitative Services

  • Strategy Planning
  • Project Development
  • Interim Management
  • Coaching / Mediation

Consulting based on experience, not formulas

Consulting based on experience, not formulas

We understand quickly and work for real results

With timelines and budgets usually tight for most arts, music and tech-driven SMEs, they expect two things from a consultant, before all else: firstly, a quick but solid grasp of the situation; and secondly, a pragmatic and result-driven attitude once the sleeves are rolled up.

In any manager or consultant these two qualities only develop with years of personal experience and through actually “having been there”, ideally more than once.

The list shows a summary of "where we have already been", either as managers or consultants or both. Given this background, you can expect us to understand quickly, to offer specific know-how and also to throw in some extra perspective and fresh thinking into the mix.

Companies / Industries

  • Performing Arts and Music Industry
    (incl. Music Publishing)
  • Live-Entertainment Companies
  • Technology-driven Creative Companies

Status / Challenge

  • Start-up: Formalizing business plans; quickly building an organization
  • Business process changes, with/without IT and web implications
  • Paradigm-shift: Old strategies crumble; current business models fade
  • Severe disturbance: Any kind of organizational or managerial crisis

Fairness and straight talk right from the start

Fairness and straight talk right from the start

Finding out how we can help costs nothing, literally!

If your company fits the above industry profiles and you are facing obstacles in running, growing or fixing your organization it might be a good idea to talk.

This is what we must find out immediately: Can we offer the right know-how and experience? Do the schedules match? Do we have a compatible understanding regarding extent and duration of any potential involvement? In some instances a phone call will suffice, in others only a meeting will bring clarity and establish whether the compatibility extends to the personal level as well.

Our two promises: We say clearly what we can and cannot do; and the initial contact & briefing is always free of charge. There is a simple reason for this: You want to know what you can expect before you decide to hire a consultant; and we think that is the right approach. 

So give us a call and let's get to work!

Wolfgang Ogrisek

Wolfgang Ogrisek